Today's globally flat marketplace is characterized by high business volatility, increasing demand for accountability and rapid technological advancements. These external forces have created daunting challenges for all organisations.

There are several risks involved in taking decisions on the basis of yesterday's market planning models and market theories. For an organization to maintain its dynamism and forward momentum, it is crucial that they chart out both short term and long term strategies that accommodate these complex realities.

We at Rinira Technologies provide our clients the 'missing link' of Business IT strategy to enable them to optimize their various qualitative and quantitative markers like cost, efficiencies of business processes, expenditure controls, return on investment, customer satisfaction, among others.

Our Strategic Consulting service focuses on creating innovative IT strategies to rapidly grow the business. We then go further and identify and help implement modifications required to organizational structures and processes to execute the new IT Business strategy.

Our Services ensure the creation and maintenance of competitive advantage by employing IT strategies to reinvent client's business models and processes. Our expert advisors can execute a quick turnaround by performing a comprehensive analysis of your current organizational setup and helping implement solutions which redefine business processes and streamline IT technologies and operations.


Our Strategic Consulting services include the following areas:

  • IT Strategy Evaluation
  • IT Sourcing Strategy
  • Defining Organizational Structure
  • Making Assessment of IT Skills
  • Aligning IT investments with IT strategy
  • Determining Cloud Strategy
  • IT Performance Measurement
  • IT Security