Big data is a comprehensive expression for any set of large and complex data. At times processing such quantum of data becomes difficult and using traditional database management tools.

Big data analytics is the process of compiling, arranging and analyzing big sets of data to determine model and other constructive information. Big data analytics allows you to understand the information within the data, and to categorize the data according to its significance.

With insightful big data analysis, organizations can increase sales, improve efficiency, and streamline operations, customer service and risk management.


Training and Consulting:

As your trusted partner, Rinira will help you mine your Big Data for optimizing and focusing the strategic direction of your company. With proven know-how in established technologies, our team of consultants will help you employ emerging technologies to manage and systematize your data - letting you envisage customer demand and make better and smarter decisions. We provide you all the support and analysis to overcome your Big Data challenges and enable your company to stand out from the crowd.


Predictive Analytics:

Predictive analytics is the process of digging out information from existing data sets in order to ascertain trends and predict imminent outcomes. Rinira offers user-friendly predictive analytics products and solutions that meet the specific needs of different users and skill levels from beginners to experienced analysts.


With Rinira's predictive analytics expertise, you can:
  • Significantly enhance the quality and speed of your company's decision making
  • Identify and thwart risks before they adversely impact your organization
  • Evaluate the effect of social media on your products, services and marketing campaigns
  • Evaluate customer's preferences to enable you to plan your next steps in order to increase profitability and retention


Cognitive Computing:

Cognitive computing systems use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to foresee, sense and deduce. Originally referred to as artificial intelligence, Cognitive computing is modeled after the human brain and involves close human-computer interactions to enhance the quality of information thereby taking decision making to the next level.

There is considerable growth in Big Data with more and more activities being communicated digitally. It is not just growing in quantity, but also at breathtaking speed. Most of the data that is available today is in an unstructured format, such as videos, images, symbols, audios, etc. There is a need for a new computing model for businesses to re-organize and meaningfully interpret these divergent streams of data, thereby improving and upgrading the range of capabilities of the human mind.

IBM Watson (first cognitive system developed) performs this by making use of numerous analytics, which provide it with capabilities like natural language processing, text analysis to make sense of large and complex information instantly.


Our Expertise:

Our team of experts has extensive experience with such a Cognitive Computing System.