As physical classrooms are getting augmented with MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and eBooks are replacing physical textbooks, ELEARNING provides an ideal solution that allows you to create media (video, audio, animations, images) driven classes which can be accessed anywhere (either on computer, tablet or mobile), anytime. Built with the latest technologies, ELEARNING provides complete solution that can be leveraged by educational institutes, company induction training, competitive exam classes or anyone who wants to teach using the new media.

Using an authentication and authorization grid, ELEARNING allows users in different roles to accomplish different tasks on the site. For example, an Administrator can create courses, setup/assess assignments or set fees schedule, while a student can view the study material, take online tests and discuss common questions with teachers or fellow students. As ELEARNING captures the complete lifecycle - from creating education material to final assessment of student - in one place, it generates insightful reports which track the progress of a student over time and give useful suggestions to strengthen the weak areas by adapting the course material to his personal level.



  • End-to-end ELEARNING solution from content creation to achieving course objectives.
  • Role based interface for admin, teacher, student, parent with appropriate access controls.
  • Always accessible to view, assess and discuss contents on the go from mobile devices.
  • Superior reporting with deep insights either at individual or group level to correlate data.
  • Dashboard with all the relevant information at your finger tips from learning, evaluation to progress tracking
  • Adaptive course content and exams that are automatically tailored depending on progress.
  • Can be translated into multiple languages providing widest reach.