Attendance is critical in assessing timely presence of staff, students and hourly employees. Getting real time and historic reports of attendance is crucial in streamlining workforce, taking corrective measures and reducing overall cost. Rinira has designed dedicated hardware and software solutions to address needs of schools, colleges, coaching classes, industries, events, companies etc.

ATTEND can be deployed in the field in a stand alone configuration or affixed within the school or company premise providing convenient, always on solutions using either proximity cards, biometric solutions (e.g. thumbprint or eye retina), barcodes or magnetic strips. With its custom built innovative solution where all the data resides on central servers, the hardware simply acts as an interface to transmit identity and time, thus lowering the overall cost.



  • Innovative solution with custom hardware and software ecosystem.
  • Data accessible from any device in real time with configurable notifications.
  • Rich reports, trends and analytic (both predictive and actual) using latest in Big Data research.
  • Interface with other systems using standard based REST API and XML/CSV data formats.
  • No need for dedicated PC or any other hardware resulting in minimal maintenance.
  • Excellent service and support during and after installation.