Today, school administrators carry much greater responsibilities than they did just a few years ago. Increasing responsibility for academic performance, budget constraints, and rapidly evolving administrative and technological challenges indicate that the days of traditional management to the Educational sector are over.

Technology can play a vital role in streamlining the entire administrative and management structure by systematizing, integrating and regulating all the activities of an educational institution

The role of information technology in education:

  • Develop effective communication between different participants, viz. students, teachers, administrators and teachers
  • Track and efficiently monitor student academic performance
  • Enhance operational efficiencies in the entire educational system
  • Serve as a convenient, efficient and universal platform for out of school learning
  • Transform the classroom experience itself and facilitate rapid and effective assimilation of knowledge
  • Allow individually paced learning through multimedia and other interactive tools
  • Facilitate ease of data storage and retrieval across all departments and system participants.
  • Enhance operational efficiencies in the entire educational system