"Fastest turnaround I have ever seen! I could literally come up with the new ideas in a day."

- CEO, Silicon Valley Startup
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Sports & Recreation

IT plays a major role in creating sports applications using specialised, hi tech gadgets to facilitate athletic performance at all levels.

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Latest News

We now have a capability in all areas of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) with experts in each of the fields powering our service offerings.

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Thinking creatively the Rinira way is our unique approach of looking at any challenge or situation from a totally fresh perspective and developing a range of 'intelligent' options. We artfully organize, analyze, and evaluate all information to weave a delicate basket of ideas. We then proceed to the next stage of development-Innovation

The 'Art of Innovation', by Rinira, involves experienced teams moulding and sculpting the range of options generated in the 'Think' phase. The result of our Innovation is a final, robust, go-to-market solution. Our zeal to Innovate has resulted in a series of exclusive products and breakthrough processes that work hard to keep you ahead.

The successful completion of your project depends upon our timely delivery. At Rinira, our goal is to culminate the Think and Innovate phases with laser-sharp focus on Delivery. Our entire team works in orchestrated harmony, like a well-oiled machine towards just one purpose. However, the show goes on...Delivery is not the end, but the beginning of a long, successful journey together.

Founded on the principle of providing quality, reliable and result oriented service, we have years of proven experience working on cutting edge of technologies. We depend on the highly qualified and trained software engineers to carry out your work with utmost attention and responsibility.

We know that by leveraging our expertise, you place your trust and invest valuable time and energy in us and we work very hard to make sure that we exceed your expectations for mutually beneficial long term relationship. We follow internationally established development practices to minimize the inherent risk to deliver consistent results, one client at a time.

No project is too small or large for us. Based on our highly optimized practices, we can handle any size project with substantial cost reduction while satisfying your utmost demands.